Introduction to setting up a German branch

In terms of economy Germany is a good choice for foreign investors to establish a branch. Incorporation of the branch is similar to that of German resident companies, although the registration procedure is slightly longer. The branch must take the name of the parent company with its legal form attached to the end i.e. branch or German branch.

What are the formalities regarding German branches?

  • A copy of the parent company's Certificate of Incorporation
  • A copy of the parent company's Certificate of Good Standing – to be less than 4 weeks old
  • A copy of Memorandum & Articles of Association of the parent company
  • The board resolution of the parent company providing evidence of the decision to set up the branch
  • A branch representative, to speak English or German
  • Power of Attorney for the branch
  • A small shared office with registered address

The documents shown above are required for the registration of the branch with the German Commercial Register. All documentation is required to be officially notarised and apostilled, in addition to being translated into German by a certified translator.


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